Make Birthdays Exciting with this Surprise Inside Cake | Party with a Purpose

Growing up in my house, birthdays were a big deal. I remember waking up to bundles of balloons that had been hung on doorframes while I was sleeping and my mom makes a chocolate cake that is absolutely scrumptious! The surprise inside this cake is another wonderful tradition to add excitement to birthdays.

1) Cook cake #1 in a deep baking pan.

2) With the cookie cutter of your choice, make shapes of cake #1.

3) Line a loaf pan with the shapes.

4) Pour cake #2’s batter into the pan around the shapes.

5) Bake until done.

6) Frost, garnish, serve, and enjoy!

Ethical Living Tip: Make sure you know where your ingredients come from. Not just Walmart or Publix but make sure that the food you buy can be traced all the way back to the farms and the employees are treated with dignity and fairness. Look for fair trade on labels.